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Tickets on Sale for Summer Production

Please add the date 21st or 22nd July to your diaries and come and see our very funny plays.  This will be held at Brook Hall, Ottershaw from 7.30pm

A buffet supper is included and there will be a pay bar available
​Tickets are available online on

Or call the box office on 07562 396888

We look forward to seeing you!

Read through for Summer Plays

We are holding a read through of two plays for this year’s summer supper show on Wednesday 11th April at Hare Hill Club, 8pm. Everyone is welcome so please come along for a sociable evening.

We will be reading;

CCTV by Derek Webb


In the security control room of The Oaks shopping centre,  Rich is coming on duty for the night shift, relieving Alex and Jane, two other guards.  Alex is decidedly non-pc with a penchant for zooming in the CCTV cameras onto unsuspecting women shoppers.  Rich is far more conformist and rather pedantic in his attitudes, but he has obviously learnt to put up with Alex’s childish behaviour.  Jane has a penchant for shopping with a capital S and is a bright, rather feisty addition to the security team.

It is, it seems a ordinary evening at The Oaks – until the arrival of Keith, a robber of quite breathtaking incompetence, intent on robbing the shopping centre.

The dull routine of life in a security office is blown away with the arrival of Keith who has a stocking over his head and a gun in the back of the apologetic Jane The horror of the situation is somewhat diluted by the fact that neither Rich nor Alex can make out a single word that Keith is saying, due to the afore-mentioned stocking. The humour comes thick and fast. Alex unwittingly tells Keith all he needs to know, while Rich insists that people adhere to the correct use of grammar whatever the circumstances.


(3m, 1f)

Alex: security guard, treats most things as a bit of a joke
Rich: security guard, treats things far more seriously
Jane: security guard, treats shopping with reverence
Keith: would-be robber, treats himself to whatever he can lay his hands on

Smalls Talk by Sue and Clive Read


Five ladies of different ages and backgrounds meet for a lingerie party with Dawn, the Lady Lace Representative. The atmosphere is cool until the hostess gets out her husband’s lethal pea-pod wine. Under its influence tongues are loosened as the ladies decide to give one of their dowdy colleagues a makeover in order to regain the affections of her errant husband.


(6f, 1m)

Rex: Husband of Linda, a sly wimp
Linda: Hostess – easy-going
Dawn: Lady Lace Demonstrator – wet but persistent
Tracy: Young next-door-neighbour – innocently tactless
Carol: Linda’s sister – cynical, hard-bitten, a laugh
Dot: Older work colleague, dour
Emma: Workmate – pathetic – suffering from loss of husband

Hope to see you on Wednesday 11th April at 8pm in Hare Hill Club

Winter Productions – tickets on sale

Ottershaw Players are proud to present their latest production, a very funny comedy by Devon Williamson:

How to Train Your Husband

Dates of performance are Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December.

Doors open at 7pm, performance starts 7.45pm

There will be a well stocked bar

Tickets are now available either via the Seaty booking website or via the booking line:  or telephone:  07562 396888

We really hope to see you there!

Read Through

Hello All,

We are holding a read through next Wednesday (23rd) at the Castle pub in the conservatory at 8pm, do join us for a relaxed social evening.

We shall be reading ‘How To Train Your Husband’ by Devon Williamson. Its a very funny two act play for five women and two men.

Kate – the matriarch of the family, so successful at training her husband he’s become dull and boring
Sheryl – (Kate and Denis’ daughter). Her husband is having a ‘bro-mance’ with her daughter’s husband Wayne. Her husband training has hit a snag.
Jessica – (Sheryl’s daughter) newly married, very little progress in training her husband.
Denis – lives to now his lawns, fully trained by his wife Kate.
Gwen – one of the ‘weird sisters’, unmarried, desperate to train a man.
Trudy – the other ‘weird sister’ unmarried, desperate.
Pete – neighbour to Jessica, a carpenter.

We are presenting this play as an option for OP’s winter production, dates of performance 7th 8th and 9th December. Do join us, even if you are not available to be involved in the production, its a social evening, a good excuse for a get together and chit chat, plus all feedback is very welcome.

See you in the Castle conservatory at 8pm next Wednesday 23rd August

Tickets For Summer Show on Sale!

Tickets are on sale for our Summer Show, an entertaining evening of three hilarious one-act comedies served up with a fabulous buffet supper and licensed bar.

Changing Rooms by Jackie Carreira

Mum’s The Word by Damian Woods

Fidelity Farce by Gary Diamond

Performances are at Brook Hall, Ottershaw from the 21st – 22nd July, doors open 7pm, curtain up 7.30pm

Tickets £10  (incl supper)
Box Office: 07562 39688

Buy online:  Click Summer Supper Plays 2017 for our secure online booking site.

Hope to see you all there!

Auditions For Summer Plays

The audition for the summer plays is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd March in the conservatory at the Castle pub from 7.30pm.

We will be reading three plays, see below.

If you can’t make that date but are keen to be involved please let me know asap, I can then decide if a second audition date would be beneficial.

The dates of the shows are Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July and will follow a similar format to last summer with a buffet supper as part of the evening.

If you have yet to read the chosen plays they are all available to read in full on Lazy Bee Scripts website.

The plays;

Changing Rooms by Jackie Carreira
Maggie – senior shop assistant
Sophia – bride to be
Rosa – mother in law to be, of Greek origin
Jo – a single woman
Gemma – a fashion conscious young lady
Sam – Gemma’s boyfriend

Mum’s the Word by Damian Woods
David Richards
Janet Richards – his wife
Margaret – his annoying mother
Simon Orchard – a cheery next door neighbour
Sandra Orchard – his wife

Fidelity Farce by Gary Diamond
Vincent Donaldson – a middle aged businessman who is having an affair with the other characters
Mandy Phelps – Vincent’s attractive PA
Vanessa Donaldson – Vincent’s posh wife
Cindy – Vanessa’s attractive sister
Emma – a middle aged attractive woman
Richard – the hotel room service

There is plenty of opportunity for doubling however its very much a ‘the more the merrier’ situation. We had a great time last summer and the feedback to the format of the evenings was terrific so do join us and let’s make this summer even more successful.

Claire WA

Farrago 2017 – Tickets on sale!



This year’s effort will be (very, very loosely) based on the 1960’s TV hit show “The Avengers”. It’s a very funny script and should result in a hilarious evening’s entertainment. 60’s dress and Steed and Peel lookalikes very definitely encouraged!

Tickets are £15 to include supper – bring your own drinks and glasses as usual. Doors will open at 7pm.

Tickets are available by email or by ‘phone 01932 841363. Pay at the door with cash or cheque payable to “Ottershaw Players”

Food choices with orders please – fish and chips or chicken and mushroom pie and chips. Vegetarian option cheese and onion pie with chips.



The Naked Truth – Tickets On Sale

Tailor-made for Women, The Naked Truth is the hit comedy Play from Dave Simpson, the writer of the smash-hit comedy “Girls Night Out”. Set in a village hall pole dancing class, ‘The Naked Truth’ is a brilliantly funny bitter-sweet comedy about sisterhood.

It’s a women thing, as five very different women struggle hilariously to conquer pole dancing for an event to raise awareness and money for a breast cancer charity.

The Naked Truth is a poignant and uplifting comedy, a call to all women, and celebrating strength through adversity.

It’s a Show for women, about women, that men absolutely must see (if they dare!).

Performances are Dec 8th – Dec 10th,  7.45pm at Brook Hall, Ottershaw

Tickets are £10, available at

Box Office :  01932 841363 /

There is a licensed bar available.

Please note strobe lighting will be used during the performance and the production is not suitable for those under 16

Tickets for Summer One Act Plays

Tickets are now available for our summer production of One Act plays:

Erica and Me by Alan Robinson, directed by Lianne Dempsey

Up The Garden Path by Barry Blaize, directed by Claire White-Aldworth

Both are comedy farces and there will be a ploughman’s buffet in between the plays and also a licensed bar for your enjoyment!

The show is at Brook Hall, Ottershaw from the 29th – 30th July, curtain up 7.45pm

Tickets £10  (incl supper)
Box Office: 01932 841363  (

click here to buy tickets from our secure, online ticketing service.

Hope to see you all there!

Read through and auditions for summer one act plays

There will be a read-through / audition evening of the Ottershaw Players summer production plays on Sunday 24th April at The Castle pub from 7.30pm
The plays chosen for the ’supper and a show’ evenings are;
Erica and Me by Alan Robinson and Up the Garden Path by Barry Blaize. Below there are plot summaries and character information.
The production dates are;
Get In – Sunday 24th July
Performances – Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July
Both plays are short one-act productions so there is the opportunity for ‘doubling’ from one play to the other.
Erica and Me;
Simon (age non specific)
Mr Collings (Simon’s boss)
Mrs Collings
Erica 1 (a foreigner)
Erica 2 (The girl in the wig)
Erica 3 (The real blonde)
Erica 4 (The minder)
The Plot:
Simon has invited his boss and his wife to dinner to impress him.  However he feels it would be more impressive and put across a better impression if he had a girlfriend and appeared to be in a stable relationship.
His answer to the dilemma is to hire a girlfriend for the night!
As the time for his boss’s arrival draws near, ‘Erica’, the ‘girlfriend’ arrives.  However she doesn’t speak a word of English and doesn’t seem to understand why she is there.
After Mr and Mrs Collings arrive and meet Erica, the evening starts to unravel as yet more ‘Ericas’ arrive.
Up the Garden Path;
Trevor and Susan are married and Natasha is their teenage daughter.  Kenny and Marie, also married, are the neighbours. The four adults are age non-specific so there is flexibility in the casting.
The Plot:
Trevor and Susan are in their bedroom, it is late at night.  At the bedroom window Kenny and Marie appear. Marie has been on a game show and Susan was her ‘phone a friend’ choice.  Unfortunately Susan gave the wrong answer and Marie lost the chance to win £60,000. Kenny wants Trevor to pay up and threatens to call on a couple of ‘friends’ in his line of work as a low level hitman.
To add to the events of the night, Susan finds out that Natasha has been keeping marijuana plants in the airing cupboard and Trevor was party to the idea.
The summer production is to be directed by Lianne Dempsey and Claire White-Aldworth.  If you have any questions or would like to express your interest but are unable to make the readthrough / audition evening please email Lianne: or Claire:
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 24th April!!

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