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Sparkleshark Reading

Clare Groome has proposed a youth production of Philip Ridley’s play Sparkleshark, to be staged in the spring, followed by a possible entry into some local drama festivals.

Sparkleshark is a funny and poignant play written for a cast of 9 youth actors. Jake writes magical and fantastic stories in secret. To save himself from a gang of bullies, Jake weaves his best story yet. It is so good that the
gang drop their tough trendy act and demand starring roles in the unfolding drama of mystery, danger, love… and the final encounter with Sparkleshark.

There will be a read-through at Brook Hall on 15th December 2008 at 7.30pm. The cast are all 14 years upwards, so we should have lots of scope from the team of teenagers that are in Oliver Twist!

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