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Pantomime Murder

Ottershaw Players will be presenting Pantomime Murder by Kay Doyle at Chobham Social Club on 11th – 13th September. Those of you who came to see or were  involved in Father Ciaran Gets A Lodger, also written by Kay, will know what to expect. But in case anyone missed that (shame on you) this a fun, light hearted script despite being centred around a cold-blooded murder.

We will be holding auditions for the play on Sunday 6th July and Tuesday 8th July at Chobham Social Club, 8:00 pm. The first rehearsal will be on Tuesday 15th July.

There are a couple of things that I should point out, just to avoid confusion later.

1. We will be performing this play at Chobham Social Club only. This is due to the refurbishment taking place at Brook Hall during the summer, which means that we cannot guarantee the availability of that venue.

2. We are staging the play rather later than is usual for a summer production. This is to avoid clashing with Woking Drama Association’s production of Oh What A Lovely War, so that our members are free to take part in that show if they would like.

3. If you are interested in auditioning for the play I would be very grateful if you could send me a quick email to confirm. This is purely so that I can get some idea of the level of interest we have.

Andrew Midson  (

The play is set in a rehearsal room where the cast of an ambitious and somewhat “alternative” pantomime are gathering. Predictably the complex relationships between the cast, director and stage manager soon sees them at odds with one another until eventually it all boils over in the most deadly manner. In an attempt to prevent their dirty little secrets from being made public by a police investigation they then set about trying to uncover the identity of the murderer themselves.

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