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Read through and auditions for summer one act plays

There will be a read-through / audition evening of the Ottershaw Players summer production plays on Sunday 24th April at The Castle pub from 7.30pm
The plays chosen for the ’supper and a show’ evenings are;
Erica and Me by Alan Robinson and Up the Garden Path by Barry Blaize. Below there are plot summaries and character information.
The production dates are;
Get In – Sunday 24th July
Performances – Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July
Both plays are short one-act productions so there is the opportunity for ‘doubling’ from one play to the other.
Erica and Me;
Simon (age non specific)
Mr Collings (Simon’s boss)
Mrs Collings
Erica 1 (a foreigner)
Erica 2 (The girl in the wig)
Erica 3 (The real blonde)
Erica 4 (The minder)
The Plot:
Simon has invited his boss and his wife to dinner to impress him.  However he feels it would be more impressive and put across a better impression if he had a girlfriend and appeared to be in a stable relationship.
His answer to the dilemma is to hire a girlfriend for the night!
As the time for his boss’s arrival draws near, ‘Erica’, the ‘girlfriend’ arrives.  However she doesn’t speak a word of English and doesn’t seem to understand why she is there.
After Mr and Mrs Collings arrive and meet Erica, the evening starts to unravel as yet more ‘Ericas’ arrive.
Up the Garden Path;
Trevor and Susan are married and Natasha is their teenage daughter.  Kenny and Marie, also married, are the neighbours. The four adults are age non-specific so there is flexibility in the casting.
The Plot:
Trevor and Susan are in their bedroom, it is late at night.  At the bedroom window Kenny and Marie appear. Marie has been on a game show and Susan was her ‘phone a friend’ choice.  Unfortunately Susan gave the wrong answer and Marie lost the chance to win £60,000. Kenny wants Trevor to pay up and threatens to call on a couple of ‘friends’ in his line of work as a low level hitman.
To add to the events of the night, Susan finds out that Natasha has been keeping marijuana plants in the airing cupboard and Trevor was party to the idea.
The summer production is to be directed by Lianne Dempsey and Claire White-Aldworth.  If you have any questions or would like to express your interest but are unable to make the readthrough / audition evening please email Lianne: or Claire:
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 24th April!!

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