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Hello All,

We are holding a read through next Wednesday (23rd) at the Castle pub in the conservatory at 8pm, do join us for a relaxed social evening.

We shall be reading ‘How To Train Your Husband’ by Devon Williamson. Its a very funny two act play for five women and two men.

Kate – the matriarch of the family, so successful at training her husband he’s become dull and boring
Sheryl – (Kate and Denis’ daughter). Her husband is having a ‘bro-mance’ with her daughter’s husband Wayne. Her husband training has hit a snag.
Jessica – (Sheryl’s daughter) newly married, very little progress in training her husband.
Denis – lives to now his lawns, fully trained by his wife Kate.
Gwen – one of the ‘weird sisters’, unmarried, desperate to train a man.
Trudy – the other ‘weird sister’ unmarried, desperate.
Pete – neighbour to Jessica, a carpenter.

We are presenting this play as an option for OP’s winter production, dates of performance 7th 8th and 9th December. Do join us, even if you are not available to be involved in the production, its a social evening, a good excuse for a get together and chit chat, plus all feedback is very welcome.

See you in the Castle conservatory at 8pm next Wednesday 23rd August

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