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Date Production Author Director/Producer Venue Prod. # Comments
Nov-69 Mr. Pim Passes By A. A. Milne Terry Sweeney Brook Hal 21  
May-69 Mary, Mary (Act 1) Jean Kerr Peter Pratt Christ Church Hall 20 Staines Drama Festival
Apr-69 Mary, Mary Jean Kerr Peter Pratt Brook Hall 19  
Nov-68 Who Goes There John Dighton Margaret Lacey Brook Hall 18  
Oct-68 The Bespoke Overcoat Wolf Mankowitz Peter Pratt Brook Hall 17  
Apr-68 Dangerous Corner J. B. Priestley John Rosser Brook Hall 16  
Apr-68 This Desirable Cottage Anthony Booth Margaret Lacey Christ Church Hall 15 Staines Drama Festival
Jan-68 This Desirable Cottage Anthony Booth Margaret Lacey Addlestone Community Centre 15  
Nov-67 The Rape Of The Belt Benn W. Levy Joanna Eckersley Brook Hall 14  
Oct-67 Master Dudley Philip Johnson Ricky George Byfleet Village Hall 13 Woking Drama Festival
Apr-67 On Monday Next Philip King Terry Sweeney Brook Hall 12  
Apr-67 Getting and Spending Mary Fitzhugh Mary Fitzhugh Christ Church Hall 11 Staines Drama Festival
Nov-66 Ladies In Retirement Edward Percy & Reginald Denham John Rosser Brook Hall 10  
Oct-67 It Is Quicker To Telephone Ian Hay Margaret Lacey Brook Hall 9  
Apr-66 Book of the Month Basil Thomas Ricky George Brook Hall 8  
Dec-65 Fumed Oak Noel Coward Wendy Hart Brook Hall 7  
Dec-65 Uncle Midnight Philip Johnson Margaret Lacey Brook Hall 6  
Nov-65 Black Chiffon Lesley Storm John Rosser Brook Hall 5  
Apr-65 A Lady Mislaid Kenneth Horne John Rosser Brook Hall 4  
Nov-64 Double Yolk (By Accident and With Intent) Hugh and Margaret Williams Terry Sweeney Brook Hall 3  
Apr-64 The Nine Days T. B. Morris John Rosser Brook Hall 2  
Nov-63 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward John Rosser Brook Hall 1 1st production as "Ottershaw Players"
Jun-63 Sad About Europe Philip Johnson John Rosser Brook Hall 0 First production in archive, as "Christchurch Young Wives Drama Group"

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