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Charity Begins…


Written by Bettine Manktelow
Directed by Jenny Whitehouse

Woking Drama Festival
Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
2nd October 2007


Spelthorne Drama Festival
Riverside Arts Centre, Lower Sunbury.
17th October 2007


Teresa oversees a women’s charity, smugly imagining that she dispenses invaluable advice to any with the temerity to walk through the door. So when dowdy, middle-aged Melanie turns up to volunteer, Teresa soon puts her straight. The arrival of patronizing Mrs Castle-Kettle, daughter of the charity’s founder, ruffles even more feathers. And then along comes Angie, a quiet woman with a big secret…


Teresa Nicky Breslin
Melanie Kay Doyle
Mrs Castle-Kettle Anne Niven
Angie Alison Byers


Director Jenny Whitehouse
Stage Manager Lisel Slark
ASMs Paul Bungard / Matthew Horton / Peter Moore
Lighting Jonathan Miller
Sound Peter Moore / Jonathan Miller


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