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Habeas Corpus


Written by Alan Bennett
Directed by Peter Moore

Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
7th – 10th June 2006
Tickets: £9 (£7 concessions)

Ottershaw Players Box Office: 01932 702091

Rhoda McGaw Box Office: 01483 545900


“Now then, let’s meet tonight’s contestants, the wonderful, wonderful Wicksteed Family”, announces know-all, busybody cleaning lady, Mrs Swabb. It’s 1973: “This must be what they call the Permissive Society.” They are all getting their share. Or are they?  “Everywhere it’s the same. Sex. Sex. Sex. Well, I’m not having any!” remarks ex-colonial Lady Delia Rumpers, recently arrived in Hove. As they all strive to satisfy their desires, fantasies and fundamental urges whilst maintaining a slightly threadbare respectability, a farcical merry-go-round of mistaken identities, mammary misappropriations, manipulations, and medical malingerings develops at a manic pace. “One of the funniest plays from England’s funniest playwright”.


Dr Arthur Wicksteed Brian Inns
Muriel Wicksteed Alison Byers
Mrs Swabb Lynne Walters
Dennis Wicksteed Mark Holton
Connie Wicksteed Claire Turner
Canon Throbbing Tim Matthews
Sir Percy Shorter Matthew Horton
Lady Rumpers Danny Sparkes
Felicity Rumpers Nicky Breslin
Mr Shanks Paul Foster
Mr Purdue Dave Taylor
Accordionist Roberto Buttaci


Director Peter Moore
Stage Manager Alan Wakefield
Deputy Stage Manager Lisel Slark
ASMs Paul Bungard, David Dunlop, Liz Buttle, Julia Williams
Set Design Alan Wakefield & Jim Gallimore
Set Build Alan Wakefield, David Dunlop, Paul Bungard, Peter Pratt, Members of Ottershaw Players
Lighting Design Peter Harman & Robert Ive
Lighting Operation Robert Ive
Sound Thomasina Breslin
Prompt Paula Duncan
Wardrobe Chris Moore
Wardrobe Assistants Brenda Midwinter, Claire White-Aldworth, Jenny Whitehouse
Props Claire White-Aldworth
Front of House Manager Chris Moore
FOH Assistants Jim & Shirley Gallimore, Clare Groome, Sandy Hurle, Andrew & Jennie Hamel-Cooke, Lyn & Stewart Mison, Chris Paice, Sue Ross
Box Office Chris Moore


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