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The Man In The Middle Of The Road


Written by Paul Foster
Directed by Paul Foster

Woking Drama Festival
Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
12th October 2006

Spelthorne Drama Festival
Riverside Arts Centre, Lower Sunbury.
19th October 2006


It’s late in the evening on a cold Friday in November, and Henry Digby, a 62 year old prominent London lawyer, is driving home to his family in the Surrey countryside. But Henry’s going to be late, if he ever gets there at all. He’s only half a mile away, but there’s a naked man in the middle of the road.


Claire Alison Byers
Ellie Alex Gartrell
Ben Ben Moser
Adam Adrian Hume Robinson
PC Mark Holton
Gregson Nicky Breslin
Henry Roy Seal


Director Paul Foster
Stage Manager Lisel Slark
Set Design/Build Paul Foster & Richard Burt
Lighting Robert Ive
Sound Peter Moore
Wardrobe Chris Moore
Make-Up Andrew Hamel-Cooke
Props Danny Sparkes


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