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Mr Butt’s Wicked Deed


By Wilf Hashimi and Suzannah Zerfahs

Directed by Julie Jonklaas

Woking Drama Festival
Rhoda McGaw Theatre
Wednesday 13th October, 2004

Elmbridge Drama Festival
Walton Playhouse
March 2005


Gary Butt is out of prison and back with Dawn; his girlfriend, and the mother of his child.  But a chance remark soon sets off chain of events that has serious repercussions as Gary remembers a black day from his childhood…


Dawn Codd Lianne Dempsey
Gary Butt Wilf Hashimi
Etta Codd Nicky Breslin
Mick Rob Harris
Sharon Caroline Thorn
Mrs Nosworthy Jenny Whitehouse
Innocence Finlay Breslin
Norm/Colin Peter Moore


Director Julie Jonklaas
Stage Manager Alan Wakefield
Lighting Bill Payne & Robert Ive
Sound Bob Day
Props Danny Sparkes & Brenda Midwinter
Set Design Alan Wakefield, Suzannah Zerfahs & Lisel Slark
ASMs David Dickson, Jim Gallimore, Graham Botterill & Lisel Slark
Prompt Danny Sparkes

Mr Butt's Wicked Deed (2004)

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