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Oliver Twist


Written by Jeremy Brock
From the story by Charles Dickens
Directed by Matthew Horton

Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
3rd – 6th December 2008 at 7.45pm
6th December 2008 at 2.30pm

Tickets: £10 (£8 concessions)
Ottershaw Players Box Office: 01932 702091

Rhoda McGaw Box Office: 0870 060 6645


Living at the work house Oliver does not see much of bright future especially living on nothing more than gruel and in a brutal regime. However, he never gives up hope and finds the courage to rebel and ask for more. Oliver is sold into virtual slavery but escapes and finds his way to the great city of London. Here he meets the Artful Dodger and is drawn into Fagin’s gang and a murky criminal underworld. The brutal Sikes and the loving Nancy lead Oliver into some thrilling adventures and dangerous situations that see him meet the ominous Monks. Whatever circumstances he may face, somewhere, tangled up with the perils and menace, are links to his unknown and mysterious past. Suitable for adults and older children.

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Oliver Twist James Cochrane
Artful Dodger Devon White-Aldworth
Charley Bates Faith Bavington-Hall
Workhouse Paupers and Fagin's Gang Zoe Pembery / Daniel Bowman / Amelia Mandeville / Grace Mandeville / Louise Irvine / Cara Silbery / Zoe Collier / Jennifer Tate / Tilly Greenstreet / Alice Cochrane / Eathan White-Aldworth
Mr Bumble Peter Moore
Mrs Corney Kay Doyle
Monks Bill Jackson
Fagin Mark Holton
Bill Sikes Phil Pile
Nancy Sophia Hodgson
Young Woman Clare Groome
Doctor Graham Collier
Mr Limbkins Bob Day
Lady Stock-Jobber Alison Byers
Workhouse Assistant Nick Daborn
Mr Sowerberry Tony Richardson
Mrs Sowerberry Hannah Rose
Charlotte Amanda Keating
Noah Claypole Nick Daborn
Mrs Maylie Lynne Walters
Rose Maylie Clare Groome
Mr Grimwig Bob Day
Dr Losberne Paul Bungard
Old Hag 1 Jean Matthews
Old Hag 2 Fiona Collier
Nurse Lynne Walters
Husband Graham Collier
Old Woman Alison Byers
Mr Brownlow Paul Bungard
Witness Fiona Collier
Mr Fang Bob Day
Clerk David Dunlop
Mr Giles Graham Collier
Mrs Brittles Fiona Collier
Policeman David Dunlop


Director Matthew Horton
Set Design Alan Wakefield and James Gallimore
Set Build David Moore and Peter Pratt with Paul Bungard, David Dunlop and Members of the Players
Costumes Chris Moore and Kate White-Aldworth
Props Claire White-Aldworth
Stage Manager Lyn Mison
ASMs Stewart Mison and Lisel Slark
Lighting Jonathan Miller
Sound Tim Matthews
Chaperones Brenda Midwinter, Danny Sparkes and Jill Wakefield with Anna Bourne
Publicity Design Peter Moore
Box Office / Front of House Chris Moore
FOH Assistants Members of the Players
Photography James Gallimore


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