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On The Razzle


Written by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Peter Moore

Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
27th to 30th May 2009, at 7.45pm

Tickets: £10 (£8 concessions)
Ottershaw Players Box Office: 01932 702091

Rhoda McGaw Box Office: 0870 060 6645


“Why do I have a sense of impending disaster?” Herr Zangler, a linguistically-challenged, successful greengrocer in suburban Vienna, muses halfway through the first scene.  He’s about to go into town to wine and dine a wealthy widowed milliner, Madame Knorr, while packing off his ward and niece Marie to his sister-in-law, Miss Blumenblatt, to prevent her from eloping with an impoverished gentlemen, Sonders. Little does he know that his chief clerk, Weinberl, and apprentice, Christopher, are going to close up shop for a day of adventure on the town, that his niece is wearing a Scottish outfit on precisely the day that everyone in Vienna is in the grips of a Macbeth-and-Sir-Walter-Scott-inspired highland fashion craze, and that all these people, along with his fiancee’s widowed friend, Frau Fischer, his newly hired servant, Melchior, and various waiters, policemen and servants, including a rump-obsessed coachman, will end up, in various disguises, tartans and states of dress and undress in the same fashionable restaurant. “One false move,” Zangler concludes, “and we’ll have a farce on our hands.”


Weinberl Phil Pile
Christopher Hannah Rose
Zangler George Grafton
Marie Clare Groome
Sonders Nick Daborn
Melchior Mark Holton
Mrs Fischer Jill Coles
Madame Knorr Tina Knight
Gertrud Jean Matthews
Miss Blumenblatt Jenny Whitehouse
Philippine / Waiter 2 Fiona Collier
Lisette / Ragamuffin Laura Matthews
Coachman Stewart Mison
Tailor / Waiter 1 Paul Bungard
Constable / Foreigner / Waiter 3 Bob Day


Director Peter Moore
Set Design Alan Wakefield
Set Build TBA
Costumes Chris Moore
Props Claire White-Aldworth
Stage Manager Lyn Mison
Lighting Jonathan Miller
Sound Simon Price
Publicity Design Peter Moore
Box Office / Front of House Chris Moore
FOH Assistants Members of the Players
Photography TBA


“Very well done to everyone last night – it was a very impressive and enjoyable show. There were highlights all over the place, and I can honestly say time has never flown so quickly for me when I’ve been in any audience” from Lynne.

“Well done to you and all Razzle cast and crew. It was fast and funny and I’m looking forward to seeing it again tonight” from Graham.

“Well done to everyone in On The Razzle – it was brilliant, really enjoyed it last night” from Julia.

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