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A Blow To The Head


Written by Gary Simpson
Directed by Danny Sparkes

Brook Hall, Brox Road, Ottershaw.
12th and 13th April, 2013, at 7:30pm


Tickets: £12 (includes fish and chip supper) Bring your own drinks and glasses

Ottershaw Players Box Office: 07855 115397

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William Masterson, headmaster of Old Town Grammar School, is retiring after 20 years. To mark the occasion the school has prepared a special retirement dinner to which all former pupils are invited. While having their dinner, the “old girls and boys” (in reality, the audience) will see various school characters, including the deputy head, the sports master and the ex Head Boy and Head Girl, all of whom have a motive to bump-off the Headmaster…


  • William Masterson, Headmaster.  Retiring age;  a strict disciplinarian who has made a few enemies over the years …
  • Rosemary Masterson, Wife.  Long-suffering, who always knew her husband had an eye for the ladies …
  • Joyce Williams, School Secretary.  Long admired the headmaster from afar …
  • Robert Stephens, Deputy Head.  yet again about to lose out on head teacher post to an outsider …
  • Murray Evans, Ex-Head Boy.  His career has been ruined by the headmaster…
  • Janice Evans, Ex-Head Girl. Her relationship to the head may have been more than platonic …
  • Geoffrey Anderson, Sports Master.  He makes no effort to conceal his dislike of headmaster and his dictatorial ways …
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard – attending Retirement Party for the Headmaster.  Finds himself in the middle of perplexing murder mystery …


Joyce Williams Leanne Dempsey
Murray Evans Troy Chessman
Geoffrey Anderson Alex De Suys
Wlliam Masterson Graham Botterill
Janice Evans Sophia Hodgson
Rosemary Masterson Sarah Mullins
Robert Stephens Andrew Midson
Inspector Foot Sandy Hurle


Director Danny Sparkes
Stage Manager Andrew Midson
Lighting Nigel Tyler
Sound TBC
Set / Props Chris Goreham
Costume TBC
Front of House Manager TBC
Box Office Julia Stevens

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