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Father Ciaran Gets A Lodger


Written by Kay Doyle
Directed by Kay Doyle

MC script written by Robin Adams

Venue: Brook Hall, Brox Road, Ottershaw.
Dates: 23rd to 25th August 2012, doors open 7pm, to start at 7.45pm

Tickets: £ 13, includes a fish and chip supper, bring your drinks and glasses
Ottershaw Players Box Office: 01932 241341

Raffle proceeds to go to Woking and Sam Beare hospices


The murder mystery play is set in a Priest’s house in a coastal town in 1944.

Father Ciaran O’Boyle               Priest

Is well loved by his community, he has been the Parish Priest for many years. He was upset at the retirement of his former Housekeeper but is hoping that the replacement will be just as efficient. He enjoys a tipple now and then but that’s not a criminal offence is it?

Mrs Myfanwy Clod                    Housekeeper

Has recently moved to the area and seems very pleased to have got the job at the Priests residence. So far she seems to be suitable, if perhaps a little eccentric. Finds rationing difficult to cope with but somehow manages to find little treats for herself and Father Ciaran, who doesn’t ask too many awkward questions.

Corporal Stefan Caezar              Polish Soldier

Is stationed with his regiment in Lower Duffing. He has formed an attachment to Mrs Clod and she does not discourage him. Perhaps he is the source of the extra rations? The Corporal is a keen birdwatcher and often goes off with his binoculars for long walks along the coast.

Lieutenant Petrus Vandemeuve        South African Officer in British Army

Volunteered for service as soon as war was declared. Has just been given orders to report to the top-secret base in Lower Duffing. He has been stationed in London and for someone who usually likes to boast is surprisingly reticent about his military career.

Marjorie Barton -Vickars            President of Lower Duffing W.I.

Marjorie is a stalwart of the community. She is involved in most aspects of village life. Her husband is a retired Major General. Marjorie likes to see herself in the role of Lady Bountiful; she genuinely wants to help but likes everyone to know about it. She can be a bit of a snob.

Ivy Inkpen                          Journalist

Has worked for some time on the Daily Duff, the local paper. Her gossip column “Ivy Inkpen’s Inside Information” is quite popular and uncannily accurate. She has ambitions to work for a top London Daily but needs a big scoop to get her noticed.

Constable Flapper                   Local Plod

Has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being ineffectual.


Master of Ceremonies Matthew Horton
Father Ciaran O'Boyle Kevin Doyle
Mrs Myfanwy Clod Jean Matthews
Corporal Stefan Caezar Paul Bungard
Lieutenant Petrus Vandemeuve Mark Holton
Marjorie Barton -Vickars Nicky Breslin
Ivy Inkpen Julia Stevens
Constable Flapper Roy Seal


Director Kay Doyle
Stage Manager Matthew Horton
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Gorham
Set Design, build Matthew Horton, Mark Holton, The Players
Costume Pam Gorham
Lighting Andrew Midson, Ollie Midson
Sound Bob Day
Props Mark Holton
Front of House Manager Danny Sparkes
Box Office Brenda Midwinter
Publicity The Players


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