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OP 50th Anniversary Celebrations


Welcome to the Ottersahw Players web page for our 2013 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Much more information to follow, but here are some photos taken on the day (Saturday July 27th) at the Gala Performace Party.

The Ottershaw Tales – 50 years of history

Some of you may have seen the book or heard of it and would like to get a copy.  We have received many positive comments from happy readers, enjoying the journey through the OPs fifty glorious years – serious drama, murder mystery, fun … and of course, farrago!  Featuring lots of pictures, it really is a great read.

If you would like a copy it is for sale for only £5 or £5 plus £2 p+p, from our President Alan Wakefield.  You can contact Alan by email:

Cheques should be made payable to the Ottershaw Players.

(To follow soon, buy a copy online.)


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