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Wyrd Sisters


Adapted by Stephen Briggs
From the original book by Sir Terry Pratchett*

Directed by Matthew Horton

Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.
7th to 10th December 2011, at 7.45pm

Matinee on 10th December 2011, at 2.30pm

Tickets: £ 12  (£10 concessions)
Ottershaw Players Box Office: 01932 241341

*‘Terry Pratchett and Discworld are registered trademarks – Terry Pratchett®

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If all the worlds a stage then where the bloody hell are the dressing rooms?

‘Something wykedly funny this way comes’

From the murder of kings

To witches and things

With soldiers and bowmen and buns

The baby can’t stay and is given away to

Actors that love the Kings Son

A demon or two is sent back up the flu

And the ghost of the monarch returns

Though the Duke and his wife

Through the swipe of a knife

Rule the kingdom through torture and burns

But the Fool and his love

And with witches above

From their broomsticks will make the world turn

And the acting brigade with the dead monarchs aid

Bring an end to the evil they spurn

And the Duke and the Duch

Get their comeuppance come up

And a new king will take to the throne

With the baddies dismissed, there’s a bit of twist

But you’ll all have to wait till it’s done

So the audience rise with applause and wet eyes

With the laughter, the tears they have shed

For the show they’ve just seen

Has been fit for a Queen

And all for just twelve quid a head

And it all turns out right in the end…. Or does it

Stephen Briggs’s hilarious adaption of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters is a wonderful and hysterical comedy romp that has something for all the family. And there’s still time to get to the pub after…


Granny Weatherwax Tina Knight
Nanny Ogg Kay Doyle
Magrat Garlick Hannah Rose
Vemence Sandy Hurle
Leonal Felmet (The Duke) Graham Botterill
Lady Felmet (The Duchess) Sarah Mullins
Vitoller Bob Day
Fool Andrew Midson
Tomjon Kevin O'Donoghue
Hwel Kevin Doyle
Sergeant Brian Inns
Demon Roy Seale
The Players Jean Matthews, Sandy Hurle, Roy Seale, Rossana Suppa, Brian Inns, Kevin Doyle


Director Matthew Horton
Stage Manager Claire White-Aldworth
Set Design Matthew Horton, Alan Wakefield, Laura Mathews
Set Build David Dunlop, Alan Wakefield & members of The Players
Costume Carol Botterill
Lighting Pete Harman
Sound Merlyn White-Aldworth
Props Claire White-Aldworth
Box Office Brenda Midwinter, Julia Stevens
Publicity Graham Botterill
Front of House Manager Danny Sparkes


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